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Welcome to shootwithSIMEON, a brand new educational site launching very soon! If you head to our membership page, you will find all the details on how you will be able to get your exclusive VIP pass. On our home page you can watch a few behind the scenes videos already released to start getting a taste of shooting with Simeon. …


Gear: £25,000, Tide: rising rapidly, Me: in the middle of the river

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Some would say that shooting on a river bed with a rapidly rising tide is a really bad idea. It’s a hot summers day in London and we are in the middle of the River Thames for a pre-wedding photo shoot. We are setting gear and lighting up in tricky conditions, the sun is beaming down and I start to …


Live on a wedding event with a big twist

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Ever had a client that forced you out of your comfort zone? I mean made you sweat and panic! Ever smiled as you worked, though SCREAMING inside? Join me on this live event, as I coordinate and entertain over 400 excited guests to capture photographs with a twist as requested by the bride and groom. We even have a snow …


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VIVIDA are very fortunate to be an early adopter of the stabilisation device labeled the MŌVI M10! The MOVI enables an operator to walk, run, skateboard etc whilst keeping its camera load steady. VIVIDA Cinematographer Simeon Quarrie, takes a look at the new device. I am by no means an expert. I am a new owner/ operator and I am …


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This was an unbelievably fun shoot. Though the pre-production was very very tough. I definitely believe that the success of any shoot comes from the preparation. I had a concept bouncing around in my head. It was sitting in my sketchpad. When I met Nikesh & Lalita a couple of months later over dinner, the subject of their Engagement shoot …


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I asked Shikha and Harry, “if there is anywhere in the world that you could have a pre-wedding shoot where would it be?” They responded “Jaipur India.” My response was “OK when shall we go?” For me when a couple commit to flying myself and an assistant halfway across the world, there comes a certain pressure. I knew I wanted …